If you’re searching for a skip hire company, C & R lewis is a great choice. We offer mini skips and large skips to hire in Solihull & the surrounding areas. Skips ranging in size from 4 yards to 16 yards are available from us. Therefore, no matter how much waste you have, we have a skip that can deal with it.

Residential & Commercial Skip Hire

Residential & commercial customers alike will benefit from our fast and straightforward approach for serving customers of Solihull and all nearby regions in western-central England.

It might be difficult to locate space for a skip on bustling major roads or among the high-rise buildings that populate the West Midlands area. If your skip is going to be put on public property, such as a road or highway, you may be required to get a skip hiring permit. C & R Lewis will take care of obtaining the necessary permissions. Contact us today to get booked in as soon as possible.


Our skip hiring prices are exceptionally low, coupled with speedy collection dates. Meaning you can get rid of your waste cheap and fast! We also deliver your skip on the same day, that’s right! The same day.  

The following skip sizes that we offer for waste collection

Skip Sizes

This is the smallest skip available, and it is best suited for light and compact waste items generated during bathroom or kitchen remodelling projects as well as garden clean-ups. It can accommodate around 45 to 55 bin bags of waste.

The 6 yard skip is large enough to hold a variety of items such as dirt, debris, and stones. In general, it is the ideal skip for disposing of rubbish from building projects due to its compact design. Furthermore, this skip can hold up to 60 garbage bags worth of waste items at a time.

The 8-yard skip is ideal for bigger tasks that need more space. They may also be used to store waste materials such as dirt and debris, and they can accommodate up to 70 garbage bags at a time.

In most cases, the specifications of a 10-yard skip are as follows: 12 feet long by 6 feet wide and 6 feet high. Our 10-yard skips have a capacity of up to 100+ black rubbish bags. 10-yard skips are ideal if you have a considerable volume of waste to dispose of. They are also incredibly adaptable and may be used for a variety of household and industrial tasks.

Our 12 yard skip is commonly used for waste thats too heavy to be transported, such as lawn furniture or large commercial jobs. This skip has a capacity of about 120 bin bags, making it ideal for large events.

If you have a considerable quantity of waste that has to be disposed of, our 16-yard skip is the ideal skip for you. These skips are typically employed in commercial construction settings, where they may be used to dispose of both lightweight and hefty waste products. They are available in a variety of sizes. These skips may also be utilized for a variety of home improvement projects.

Helping you choose what skip to hire

C&R Lewis will be able to assist you in choosing the most appropriate skip for your requirements. The many skip sizes available guarantee that you will be able to get the ideal skip for your requirements.

Local Skip Hire Across The West Midlands

C&R Lewis makes use of procedures that is both easy and very quick when it comes to skip hire. In addition to hiring a skip in Solihull, Birmingham, Balsall Common, Dickens Heath, Coleshill, Eastern Green, Hampton in Arden, Coventry, Knowle, Kenilworth, Shirely and surrounding areas. All of the skip rental services that we provide are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about obtaining the necessary permits since C&R will take care of that for you if you choose to place the skip near a highway or road. If you would like to schedule a skip delivery, all you have to do is fill out an online form, write an email, or phone the company directly. The skip will be delivered the same day by our team. Our track record demonstrates our ability to offer waste services to business and residential customers efficiently and professionally.

Our Skip Hire Size and Skip Hire Services

Skip Hire Prices

When it comes to skip hire, one of the most important considerations for consumers is pricing. For this reason, C&R Lewis has ensured that the skip hire prices are reasonable and affordable throughout Solihull C&R Lewis is the best option if you want to save money on waste removal. Prices can range from £100 to £400 depending on different factors. Call us now to get a quote and discuss our skip hire services available to you. We have lots of information on Our Blog, so also have a ready for further information.

Our Waste Management Services

Both domestic and industrial clients benefit from our skip rental services. Our skip hiring pricing is quite affordable, and we provide quick delivery dates. That is why we can help you with all of your skip hiring and waste requirements, whether it’s for your home usage, business use, or a building site. Our wait and load service allows you to do other tasks while we handle everything for you.





Frequently Asked Skip Hire Questions

Skip hire cost will vary significantly depending on a variety of circumstances, such as the size of the skip (bigger skips cost less), the location of the skip, as well as if you would require a skip permit, that is, whether or not your skip will be positioned off-road or on a public road. The costs supplied by C&R Lewis, on the other hand, are reasonable and suitable for any kind of budget.

As part of our skip rental services, we recycle waste as part of the whole process. It is important to isolate garbage into different types of materials to prepare them for processing as soon as possible. Following that, the garbage will be handled through screening, crushing, and compacting procedures. After that is completed, they will be put into different containers and sent to recycling facilities.

Yes, your waste is recycled. No waste from the skips or grab hire trucks will be disposed of in landfills. Instead, your waste collection will be processed, as well as recycled so that it may be given a fresh start and used for other things.

Following collection, the skip will be transported to a commercial garbage disposal site that is properly permitted. At the recycling centre, the garbage is unloaded and processed according to its classification. Based on the garbage kinds, the location of the recycling centre as well as sorting machinery available, the materials can either be recycled or transferred to a waste incineration plant.

When it comes to the amount of weight that may be placed in a skip, there may be certain limits in place. Although many factors influence how much load you can place in a skip, the most important is the size of the skip that you have. Generally, a 4-yard skip can handle loads up to 4 tonnes in total.

Six-yard skips have a capacity of six tonnes and an 8-yard skip has a capacity of 8 tonnes. The weight of rubbish that can be accommodated in a 10-yard skip is 8 tonnes. A 12-yard skip bin can hold 8 tonnes and 16 cubic yards will hold approximately 16 tonnes. You will rarely encounter limitations on how much waste you may place in your skip while dealing with domestic waste since household waste is rarely comprised of large, bulky waste. People who deal with commercial or industrial waste, on the other hand, can be subjected to several limitations as a result of the bulkiness of commercial waste. As a consequence, it’s always necessary to choose a skip size that is appropriate for the kind of garbage you’re dealing with.

The optimal size of the skip is determined by the quantity of rubbish you have and the availability of space available for the skip to be placed. The bigger the skip, the less expensive it is per cubic yards of rubbish collected in the long run. Be prepared to get enough garbage to load it, or you might just end up paying for nothing more than you are supposed to. Remember that most municipalities do not permit skips bigger than 8 yards to be put on public roads or sidewalks.

Some of the most common waste or objects you may dump in your skip include:

Bricks, debris, wood, shattered furniture, plastics, cardboard, solidifies paints, leaves, tree branches, grass as well as other non-electrical fixtures. 

To comply with legal requirements, some materials are not permitted to be disposed of in the skips.

Electrical garbage and electronic gadgets are among the items that fall into this category. As a result, items such as microwaves, refrigerators, televisions, hairdryers, laptops, toasters, and kettles are not permitted to be disposed of in skips. To properly dispose of such material, you must do it at a recycling facility. In the majority of the cases, the waste electrical firms will also provide you with instructions on how to properly dispose of such products.

Other items that should not be disposed of in skips include:

Batteries: Putting batteries in the skip should never be done. They include potentially hazardous compounds and metals that may be exceedingly detrimental to human health. It is necessary to separate them, no matter how little they are.

Solvents, gasoline, liquids, and paint: Solvents, gasoline, paint, and other liquids are not permitted to be disposed of in skips because contain hazardous materials, and there are specialized firms who are permitted to do so. Fluorescent tubes, for example, contain mercury, which is an extremely toxic chemical component. As a result, they require regulated disposal to avoid any dangers.

Medical waste: The same goes for medical waste, which cannot be disposed of in a normal trash can or skip. They have the potential to spread dangerous illnesses and pollution.

Asbestos: Asbestos is a no-no in a skip, period. It is very toxic and dangerous.  As a result, it should never be disposed of in skips and you should consult with an asbestos expert who can guide you on the safest and most environmentally friendly manner to deal with such waste endangering human health.

Gas bottles: Due to the possible threat they pose to you and the environment, gas bottles should never be disposed of in skips. Alternatively, you may get in touch with one of the gas cylinder recycling firms in your local region.

We make skip hire easy No Matter What Skip Size You Need

With our mini skip hire services, you will be able to select the size that is most appropriate for the waste you are dealing with. Furthermore, we service a wide range of places in and around the West Midlands. As a result, whether you live in Knowle, Shirley, or anywhere else in the surrounding area, you can get in touch with us to hire a skip in the size that you want.

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