Grab Hire Solihull

C&R Lewis are specialists at waste removal and provide grab hire for all kinds of waste disposal in Solihull and throughout the West Midlands. This includes Coventry, Knowle, Shirley, Coventry, Coleshill, eastern green, Balsall, dickens health, and many more.

Grab Hire In Solihull

We can cater for all commercial and domestic waste and recycling requirements through our full and comprehensive range of skips.

At C&R Lewis we offer 8-wheel grab hire to both commercial and domestic and construction customers throughout solihull and surrounding areas. Our grab hire lorries can carry up to 32 tonnes. We are able to offer expert solutions to your waste removal problems. We also provide a range of aggregates from 6F2, type 1 MOT and many more.


Looking for an alternative way to remove a large bulk of waste? Book your grab hire today.

Our Grab Lorry Hire Sizes

Using our large fleet of 4, 6, and 8 wheeled grab trucks, we can quickly and efficiently collect all of your non-hazardous waste from your location. The grab hire services that we offer are suitable for both construction sites and household waste and the trucks are capable of transporting between 16 and 32 tonnes of waste at one time. The waste is also put straight into our trucks, which indicates that the truck will do all of the work for you. For a cost effective and reliable service speak to our team today. If you would like to get rid of waste materials, our 4 wheeler, 6 wheeler, and 8 wheeler grab lorries make waste collection and disposal effortless.

Grab Hire

Our four-wheel grab hire lorry is capable of carrying waste weighing up to 10 tonnes. The reach of the grab gear is about 4 meters, making it convenient to use. In addition to picking up and transporting tons of muck, cement, as well as hardcore, these trucks can also carry gigantic bags of aggregates of any size and shape, as well as packs of bricks, among other things.

Grab Hire

Our 6 wheel grab lorry is intended to make waste removal a simple and quick task. This grab lorry may be used for carrying muck as well as all other types of waste, including concrete, green waste, bricks, inert waste, builders waste, and other materials. It may also be used to distribute aggregates. The grab lorry may be used for both residential and commercial waste, depending on the situation.

Grab Hire

Our 8-wheel grab truck is the biggest grab lorry that is offered by C&R Lewis. If you have a huge volume of waste that has to be hauled away, this is the ideal grab truck for you. This grab lorry is ideal for any project, no matter how little or huge it is. It may be used for waste disposal in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Our 8 wheel grab trucks can handle a broad range of waste materials due to their large sizes as well as the ability to accept loads weighing up to about 16 tonnes in weight.

Services Our Solihull Grab Hire can Provide For You

The use of grab trucks is an excellent option if you need to dispose of waste quickly. Our grab lorries can collect and dispose of a large quantity of rubbish in a short period of time, making them an excellent choice for large-scale projects.

Our grab hire services are ideal for the removal of soil, stones, as well as a range of waste materials, among other things. When operating in places with restricted access and resources, the trucks provide you with more options.

Our grab hire fleet includes 4, 6, as well as 8 wheeler lorries, which can dispose of a wide range of waste types, such as construction debris, inert waste, concrete, bricks, and green garbage, among others. We make sure to accommodate your unique demands and specific criteria, no matter how complex they are. We will also provide Solihull grab hire service to surrounding areas and around the West Midlands.  We are also specialists in offering skip hire in Solihull so if you’re looking for 4, 8, 12 yard skip then speak to our team.





Frequently Asked Grab Hire Questions

Grab hire is essentially a large truck that has a digger arm and a skip on the back. Therefore, the work is done by the truck and it makes the process quicker and easier.

Grab lorries can collect a variety of waste materials such as garden waste, hardcore waste, and many other materials. Call us to see if we can take care of your waste.

Grab trucks have great flexibility, allowing them to collect waste products in some of the most difficult-to-reach spots. They are equipped with a grab arm that can stretch to a length of up to 4 meters.

There are several advantages to hiring grab hire trucks:

  • Grab lorries are extremely versatile and can be used to dispose of all of your waste materials in a cheap and environmentally friendly way.
  • With the hydraulic arm, even the most unreachable areas, like as behind fencing or walls, can be reached with ease.  There is no lifting necessary on your part since the truck will take care of everything.
  • Furthermore, the grab truck is capable of collecting a substantial amount of rubbish in a single load, and the best part is that you will not be required to obtain a permit from the local authority.

For rubbish disposal, skips and grab trucks are employed, and they have the capacity to contain significant quantities of waste. Despite the fact that they are both accustomed to doing the same task, there are numerous differences between the two.


For those who want to utilise a skip to dispose of their garbage and would like to keep the skip on the road, you must ensure that you secure a permit for the skip’s usage before it is delivered to you. Grab lorries, on the other hand, are exempt from the need for licenses since they do not cause any inconvenience to other road users.


Because there is a large selection of skip sizes available, the capacity of your skip will be different based on the chosen size. Grab trucks, on the other hand, can often accommodate and dispose of far bigger amounts of rubbish than would otherwise be possible with many skips.


Because it is a self-loading mechanism, the grab arm of a grab truck makes it incredibly fast and simple to put rubbish into the vehicle. Although it is a simple process, loading a skip may be a time-consuming endeavour since it involves much more work and human labour.


Without consideration to size, skips may be placed on your building site and left there for as long as necessary (for several days to weeks). Grab trucks, on the other hand, come at your location, collect the rubbish, and then quickly depart, allowing you to eliminate waste as fast as possible from the premises.

Grab hire and skip hire are both available from C&R Lewis. This gives you the freedom to select the approach that you believe is most appropriate for you at the time. C&R Lewis will be able to provide you with the appropriate advice on skip sizes as well as grab rental based on the kind of job you’re doing. Also available are skips and grab lorries, which are delivered quickly and efficiently. C&R Lewis will also bring skips and grab vehicles on your behalf at a time and date that is convenient for you – all in the name of your convenience.

When it comes to cost, grab trucks are more affordable when they are used for complicated and big projects since they are capable of carrying far more rubbish than skips. On the other hand, if you use skips for complex and large projects, you may wind up paying for several skips, which would be more expensive than just paying for one grab lorry. However, it is crucial to remember that the size of your skip, as well as the number of days you want to keep it, will have an impact on the amount that you will ultimately have to pay.

A grab lorry is capable of transporting a significant amount of rubbish. Grab trucks are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the lorry that is most appropriate for your particular job. For instance, an 8-wheel grab lorry has the capacity to transport up to 16 tons of debris, making it ideal for major construction and engineering projects. The 4 wheel grab lorry, on the other hand, is capable of transporting up to 10 tonnes of rubbish and is an excellent choice for smaller jobs.

When disposing of large volumes of rubbish, you should consider hiring a grab lorry, which is capable of storing waste that exceeds three times the capacity of a regular skip. The fact that they can transport large amounts of rubbish without causing any interruption to your operations makes them an excellent option for large-scale waste management.