How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Grab lorry?

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When it comes to waste removal, grab lorries are one of the best options out there. They provide you with a convenient, low-cost, and effective method of garbage removal. 

When compared to most skip rental services, renting a grab truck is a much more cost-effective choice, especially if you have a large quantity of waste to dispose of. If you have a large amount of waste to dispose of, you may need to reserve numerous skips, this is not the case with a grab truck.

In most cases, a grab lorry hire cost begins at £170 and may go all the way up to £370.

It’s possible that the cost could be significantly higher depending on a number of factors, such as the kind of trash, the quantities of rubbish, and the type of grab truck you pick. It’s common for wheel grab tracks to contain four-wheel and eight-wheel vehicles of varying sizes. Based on the size you choose, these grab vehicles can dispose of trash weighing anywhere from 7 to 18 tonnes.

Make sure you do your research and find the right truck for your needs. Take a look at what we offer at Grab Hire In Solihull.

What is Grab Hire?

Using a lorry to get rid of waste materials or rubbish is a practice known as “grab hiring.” Massive amounts of trash are removed using this truck.   It’s particularly useful for getting garbage out of hard-to-reach places since it has a grab arm. Grab hiring is most often used in business locations to quickly and efficiently dispose of trash.


The usage of grab hire lorries may be an excellent way to remove debris or rubbish from your property. When it comes to home renovations, roof repairs, and yard upkeep, a grab lorry is a perfect choice since it can remove anything from bricks and soil to cement and debris.


Most grab trucks can handle up to 12 tons, while larger ones can carry up to 18 tons of waste. As a result, consumers may save time and money as multiple tip runs or skip hires won’t be needed.

Grab hire services are utilised to dispose of a variety of different types of waste. Also useful for getting rid of the garbage that has accumulated in difficult-to-reach spots.



Listed below are the several types of waste that may be used for grab hire services:


Concrete, bricks, earth soil, garden waste, hardscape and topsoil, and other non-hazardous waste, in general, are acceptable recycling materials.


These types of garbage are much more likely to be collected and recycled. In addition to rubble and general garbage that must be transported to disposal sites, grab vehicles are authorised to transport other types of waste.


Grab lorries are not authorised to dispose of other types of waste, including oil, asbestos, batteries, paints, tires, and gas bottles, amongst other things. Contact your local council to see what they can offer if you need to get rid of materials such as the ones listed.

It is roughly 9 feet broad and 22 feet long to transport an eight-wheel grab lorry. At a maximum stretch, These grab vehicles can raise up to a ton of materials off the side of the truck and stretch up to eight meters away. This is more than enough for the average consumer need.

Your trash volume as well as the position of your waste when a grab truck is employed to collect it, among other things, determine how much you may expect to pay. To fill a truck with a reasonable amount of trash that is organised and ready to be loaded may take 15 to 20 minutes. Consult with one of the experts who are responsible for disposing of your garbage if you’re unsure, and they can guide you further.

What's the Difference Between a Skip Hire and a Grab Hire?

In terms of garbage management and disposal, both skip rental and grab rental are common options. Although these two systems operate similarly, their designs and methods of functioning are very different from one another. Choosing which is the right for you and your needs can make waste management a lot easier.


Generally speaking, a skip hire makes use of skip containers. A skip container is a huge container that is normally opened at the top, however, it may sometimes be closed as well. Waste that is collected in a skip is usually transferred to waste disposal facilities. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of sizes, including micro skips and huge skips. 


You choose the appropriate skip size based on the amount of garbage that they will be dealing with. Skips can be on your land for a while before they are collected, so you need room to accommodate them as well.

On the other hand, a grab hire involves the use of a grab truck or lorry, a machine that loads waste on its own by making use of a hydraulic arm to collect huge waste amounts.


If you dump your trash illegally, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. Pollution from both grounds as well as environmental damage may be caused by dumping household and commercial garbage on an open area of land, so always seek out specialist help or council guidance. 


For instance, dumping household and business garbage on an undeveloped patch of land would contaminate the soil and the air, so you need to dispose of waste properly.

Benefits of Hiring a Grab Truck

Hiring a grab lorry offers several advantages in terms of costs, efficiency and so on. The following are the benefits of hiring a grab truck:

One of the main advantages of using a grab lorry is that you can deal with large quantities quickly. For instance, an eight-wheeled grab can gather three to four times as much waste as a regular skip. Therefore, it is possible to dispose of 8 tons of rubbish using a grab hire service without difficulty. This is due to the fact that they employ a grab arm and a bucket to guarantee that everything is completed as efficiently as possible.

To save money on labour costs, use a grab truck, which will be more efficient than manual labour. With no grab truck, you’ll need to hire a huge number of workers who’ll be responsible for collecting the trash and dumping it in bins manually, which will take a long time. But rather than paying for human labour to rid of garbage manually, a grab truck’s mechanical arm can do it for you.

The first step when using a skip to remove waste from your site is to seek authorisation from your local authority. This is due to the time it takes to shovel and put the trash into the container. A grab truck, on the other hand, does not need a permit. It involves nothing else except showing up on the collection day, quickly scooping up the waste, and then taking off. In general, this procedure takes approximately half an hour. Even if it causes some difficulty, it will only be in place for a brief amount of time.

Additionally, grab lorries may be used to get to places that are otherwise out of reach. As a result, it is a very adaptable and a good alternative to consider. If you’re embarking on a major construction project, hiring a reputable grab hire firm is a must.


Sometimes accidents and injuries are frequent when you are getting rid of waste. Accidents and slips may be avoided by keeping your site in order. Maintaining a clean and orderly work site is critical to reducing the risk of injury for construction employees. A grab lorry is a safe and easy method to avoid many of these dangerous factors.

What's Cheaper to Hire, Grab Lorries or Skip Hire?​

A grab lorry is often the cheapest option. Due to the fact that these lorries can carry significant amounts of rubbish in one visit, they help you save a lot of money. When hiring a skip, you may have to hire more than one if the project is long or big. It’s a bonus that the grab trucks are equipped with a mechanical arm that makes it possible to remove trash from places that are unreachable in normal circumstances.


Additionally, a grab truck occupies less room and requires less time than using containers.  Since grab trucks may get rid of the trash in as short as 15 to 30 minutes, skip rentals can take much longer to dump waste and they involve more man-hours.


Its big size and flexible arm make grab hiring less costly and time-saving. Consequently. This machine can also handle a wide range of waste types, from construction debris to yard trash to home rubbish.

Most Common Grab Lorry Sizes

There are three different sizes of grab lorries: the four-wheeler grab lorry, the six-wheel grab truck, and the eight-wheeler grab truck. See what we have available by contacting us today.

The smallest of the three grab lorries available is this one. It can remove garbage weighing around 7 to 9 tonnes. The grab hire cost of this lorry ranges between £170 and £270.

This grab lorry is somewhat larger as compared to the four-wheeler, although it is smaller than the eight-wheeler grab truck. This grab truck can accommodate around 12.5 to 14 tonnes of garbage.

This size is the most commonly used of the three available options. Additionally, this can accommodate up to 17 tonnes of garbage, making it the biggest in the collection. When compared to the 6 wheeler, the waste that this grab truck can contain is three times more than the tones that the 6 wheeler can carry.

Inert vs Hardcore Waste

Unlike hardcore garbage, inert waste doesn’t react to chemicals or organisms. In other words, such waste may degrade or may not decompose in any manner at all. Examples of inert waste include rubble, subsoil, chalk clay, and hardcore, amongst other things.


Hardcore waste, on the other hand, refers to the waste that is recyclable. Therefore, you may recycle hardcore waste materials and put them to use in other areas of your home. Bricks, files, demolition stones, tiles are examples of this kind of garbage. Grab hiring services deal with both inert and hazardous garbage, depending on the situation.

Do I Need a Permit for a Grab Truck?

Getting a grab truck will not need you to actually obtain a permit from the municipalities. This is because it will not stay on your property for an extended period. As a result, this lorry only comes and collects the garbage then leaves. This distinguishes it from other options such as domestic skip hire & commercial skip hire that need you to have a permit from your municipal authorities because the skip needs to be parked on or near your property. 

How Much Notice Do I Need to Give to Book a Grab Lorry?

The majority of grab truck rental companies will give you a grab lorry on the same day that you request one. For your benefit, you should aim to provide notice at least two working days before the day on which you want to utilize the grab vehicle, just to be on the safe side. 


Most grab hire services may not take bookings on weekends, so making your call during business hours is a much better option.


Speak to us today at C and R Lewis to see when we can get a truck to you.

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