How Much Is A Skip To Hire – Skip Hire Prices

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Why Should You Hire A Skip?

Hiring a skip is an excellent option to get rid of all of your unwanted waste. Skips are frequently one of the most cost-effective ways to dispose of trash. A multitude of things can impact the cost of your skip hire, such as the size of your skip, your location, your period of rental, and if you need a road permit to rent a skip.


When hiring a skip through skip hire companies, the size of the skip is the most significant cost consideration whether that be a 3 yard mini skip, 6 yard skip, 10 yard skip, 12 yard skip or roll off skips, don’t forget that you may need a skip hire permit also if the skip is going on a driveway or private land. Smaller skips are significantly less expensive than larger skips. 


This is related to the size of the skip and the amount of waste it can hold. Your waste must be taken away by the skip provider and disposed of using a recycling mix or taken to a landfill.


The more waste to dispose of, the greater the task becomes, so renting a larger skip can be more expensive than renting a smaller one. The cost of a small-sized skip for a week averages around £90 and £130, but price of a large 12-yard skip for that very same period ranges between £250 and £440 depending on the size.

4 Cubic Yard Skip
6 Cubic Yard Skip
8 Cubic Yard Skip
10 Cubic Yard Skip
12 Cubic Yard Skip
16 Cubic Yard Skip

Skip Hire Prices

Hiring a skip is simple; finding a dependable one is more challenging. The first question you should ask is if they have all of the necessary licences and permissions. If your premise is modest, you may want to inquire about their public liability insurance in the event of an accident or if they damage your premises while conducting business.


Skip size is one of the most critical influences in hiring one, with smaller skips costing less than large skips. This is due to the maximum quantity of waste that each skip can hold. Every skip firm must dispose of the waste gathered in the skip, which is frequently accomplished by a combination of recycling and landfilling.


Recycling is crucial to the skip and waste disposal business to keep prices down, and much more than 80 per cent of the total of all acquired trash is recycled on average. Start by looking at skip sizes to figure out what size skip you’ll need, so you don’t pay so much as you have to.

These smaller skips are ideal for chores around the house that don’t create a lot of waste. They can also be used as a secondary skip for material that requires separate disposal, like plasterboard. 


Cost: A typical 2 to 3-yard mini skip may cost anywhere between £80 to £150 across the UK.

Uses: Small projects like a garden or house clearing are ideal for 4 and 5-yard skips. These tiny skips are a cost-effective method to get rid of your waste. 


Cost: Prices range from £120 to £170 across the UK.

6-yard skips are commonly used for construction and significant garden clearing. They are often rented skip sizes and give enough space for a bathroom and kitchen remodel. 


Cost: Prices start at £140 to £200 across the UK.

8-yard skips are adaptable and helpful in various situations, both household and commercial, including garden waste to medium-sized building debris. 


Cost: Prices range from £160 to £230 across the UK.

They are commonly utilised for commercial operations requiring the removal of larger volumes of waste. These bigger skips may hold various items, including rubble, garden trash, and construction debris. 


Cost: Prices start at £260 to £340 across the UK.

These versatile skips may be utilised for a variety of applications, from commercial to household. This skip has the capacity to carry 120 bin bags of waste or perhaps more.


Cost: Prices range from £270 to £360 across the UK.

Due to their low cost and high waste volume, the 14-yard skip is a typical pick for both individual and business clients. 14-yard skips can hold up to 140 bin bags.


Cost: Prices start at £290 to £380 across the UK.

For the money, 16-yard skips are a great deal. They’re big enough to hold a significant amount of waste. A 16-yard skip can also accommodate about 170 bin bags or more. 


Cost: Prices start at £310 to £410 across the UK.

If you would like a bigger skip than the ones above, the 18-yard skip, containing over 195 black bin bags, is a good option. This can be ideal for full-house renovations, such as bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, and structural changes.


Cost: Prices start at £350 to £450 across the UK.

How You Can Hire A Skip

It might be a complicated process for anyone who has never rented a skip before. The following list describes how to hire a skip and all of the processes that will be required in skip hire.

1) Find A Skip Hire Company To Make A Booking

You should start your skip-hiring procedure by requesting quotations from a few local skip-hire companies. They will be able to provide you with a wealth of information about the services you want and will assist you in selecting the best skip for your needs. 

After you’ve gathered your quotes and chosen a reputable provider, you’ll need to choose a day to hire your skip. 

However, if you are looking to waste disposal In Solihull, Skip Hire Coventry, Skip Hire Kenilworth or any of the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact C & R Lewis.

2) What Size Skip Do You Need?

After you’ve settled on a business and a date for your skip rental, you’ll have to call them to book an appointment. They will inquire as to the size of skip you need. If you’re uncertain, they may advise you on the size you’ll require based on the work at hand. Domestic skips typically range from 2 to 8 yards in length.

3) Are you going to need a permit?

In the majority of the cases, the skip rental business will take care of determining whether or not you require a permit. If you’re uncertain, though, simply ask. Most skip hire companies will also offer all of the necessary lights, signs, and cones as needed by municipal regulations.

C&R Lewis Skip Hire

4) Get Your Skip Delivered

When your skip is delivered, make sure it’s positioned on level, stabilised ground so that the soil can support the weight of the skip with all its items once it’s been loaded. If you have a fancy driveway, the skip rental business may recommend that you put the skip on the road or have a large piece of wood for the skip to go on rather than risk damaging your lovely drive.

5) Fill your skip with bin bags and waste.

You may begin to fill it with waste immediately once your skip is delivered and put in its appropriate area. The proper trash covers waste, furniture, cartons, bricks, metal, plastic, floors, scrap, and wood. Inappropriate trash might include clinical waste, chemicals, gasoline, tyres, oils, batteries, fluorescent tubes, and asbestos.

6) Get your skip collected

If you’ve already scheduled a pickup date, that’s fantastic; all you have to do now is wait until that date, and the skip rental business will arrive and grab your full skip and haul it away. If you have an open-ended skip hire, all you have to do now is contact the business and arrange for your skip to be picked up.


Companies will make every effort to retrieve your skip as quickly as possible. The skip hiring firm will pick through your waste and separate it into heaps for recycling and disposal when it has been collected. Professionals will then properly dispose of the waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skip hiring is a cost-effective and practical way to dispose of vast volumes of unwanted waste. It’s ideal for when you’re remodelling your house since all of the waste can be thrown away in one place in the skip, and the skip hiring business will carry the waste away. This is a convenient and straightforward way to get rid of all of your extra trash. The following is a list of everyday objects that can be disposed of in a skip:


Metal, Domestic waste, Mattresses, Garden waste, Carpets, Food packaging, Tiles, Cardboard, Sofas, Wood, Empty tins, Soil, Ceramic, Furniture, Rubble, Bricks, Solidified paint, Plastic, Non-electrical fixtures and fittings, Polystyrene among others.


If the waste you intend to dispose of is not listed here, you should call your local skip hiring a business to double-check. If you use a skip to dispose of banned materials, you may face additional fees or possibly a punishment.

If you have enough room on your land to skip, this is the ideal choice because you won’t have to bother about obtaining a permit.


There are a few rules to follow if you want to put your skip near a public road. A skip cannot be placed on a footpath; however, it may be placed on a public road with prior permission and as long as it does not cause any impediments.


Skips are available in various sizes, but the most common skips for residential usage are around the size of a vehicle. In light of this, your driveway would be an ideal location for a skip.

A skip can be rented, but there are a few more options. Two of the most common skip hiring options that may be used instead of a skip are listed below.


Rubbish Removal Team

Large quantities of rubbish can be removed by waste disposal crews as needed. You will generally be given a time window when the garbage disposal company will arrive at your home and dispose of anything you want to be removed. A benefit of hiring a junk removal company is that they will frequently remove things that are not permitted in skips, like appliances.

Depending on the area and the quantity of waste you want to get rid of, rubbish removal companies will generally charge between £100-£300 for a pickup service.

While many skip rental businesses enable you to rent a skip for a single day, others require a minimum skip rental term. Many clients rent a skip for 7–10 days on average. However, this time can be prolonged.

Suppose there is limited space or access to permit a skip to stand fully inside the limits of your premises, causing the skip to infringe into public land, including a road, pavement, as well as grass verge. In that case, you should request your local council for a skip hiring permit for the duration of the skip hire.

If you need to rent a skip for your business, you might not know where to begin looking for a reputable firm. To find a reputable skip hire company near you, use skip hire near me in Google to search for those near you.

There are a few things to keep in mind; keep reading for our top suggestions.

It is essential to do some research before settling on a firm. While a simple online search may yield a plethora of skip hiring firms, you must conduct some preliminary research. Don’t be scared to inquire about a company’s trash licence number; the waste licence is a legal necessity given by The Environmental Agency. Without a doubt, all respectable skip-hiring companies will have a current trash permit.

It is usually a good idea to rent a skip from a reputable firm. Companies with a lot of experience will be able to provide you with excellent advice and assistance and guarantee that you have the correct size skip for your needs. The very last thing you want is to wind up with a skip that is far too tiny for your needs or one that does not arrive on time.

Here at C & R Lewis, we provide skips across the West Midlands and Skip Hire Balsall Common, Skip Hire Knowle, Skip Hire Eastern Green, Skip Hire Shirley, Skip Hire Hampton In Arden.

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